Give It A Time


When confusion, anxiety and trouble come…..GIVE IT A TIME.

– Ramesh Sivanathan

Today, at this hour I realised that they shall be resolved naturally.


El Temur’s Philosophy of Fighting

War is fought with swords;
Politic is fought with words.

This was El Temur’s philosophy of fighting.

El Temur was a corrupted and abusive leader and was the Prime Minister during the ancient Yuan’s era, he stole King of Yuan’s power and sacred seal.

Yuan’s King at that time was Togon. His father was killed by El Temur because of power greed.

El Temur had served nine Kings before Togon so we can imagine how influential he was at that time. 

He killed one of his governors to remain in power and to warn other governers not to support Togon.

El Temur’s philosophy succeed earlier but failed after that.

This proves that even a powerful man can’t win with words alone, but he needs actions, too. Clean and non oppressive actions.

Heaven won’t give its blessings for corrupted actions. Karma hits bull’s eye. Never forget that.

El Temur died eventually.

Give Thanks

I chuckled when listened to a story shared by the Catechist at church on Sunday Mass.

He told a story about a mute person who are not able to speak since he was born. The man has never failed to pray to God. He prays every second of his life asking God to give him a chance to be able to speak like others. He wants to experience how is it like to speak and listening to his own voice.

He prays hard every single day. Never failed. As always, God is so good that He answers the man’s prayers and grants him the ability to speak.

The Catechist asked us what could be the first word comes out from that man. I chuckled when listened to his answer. He said “the man opens his mouth and says – test test one two three instead of Thank You God.” I find it funny as if the man was using a microphone to check on his voice.

The thing that the Catechist wanted to remind us is to always give thanks. To start our day with giving thanks that we are able to get up from bed and experience another new day. To always give thanks no matter what especially when trouble comes.

On top of that, because Jesus himself does the same.

And so does Buddha.

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us be thankful.

Let’s give thanks! Let’s be thankful!

Our Heritage

IMG_4266After “The Journey”, a short web film featuring the festive celebration of Kaamatan made its first appearance on Youtube produced by PETRONAS in 2013, they once again launched another heart-warming story for all especially Malaysians, earlier in May this year.

Titled “Tinungkusan Dahai” which means Our Heritage, the three minute web film tells the story of Steffy Samuel, a Rungus woman who wishes to pass down her rich culture and ‘manik’ (beads) stringing skills to her daughter in celebration of Kaamatan.

Kaamatan is the local harvest festival celebrated in May every year. It is to symbolise gratefulness to Kinoingan (God). It is celebrated mostly by the Kadazan, Dusun, Murut local community in Sabah.

Each tribe of the community has their own story about Kaamatan, and to the Rungus tribe the story comes from the beautiful and intricate design of a ‘Pinakol’, the popular loose band of beads worn crossed over the chest and back.

The short web film about Steffy Samuel is an uplifting story that all Malaysians should be proud of.

Viewers can watch the Youtube video here.

The image on this post presents you the beautiful ‘Pinakol’ which I bought during the State Level celebration at Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang, Sabah. Cheap price and cost me RM5, that would be around USD1+


A good deal.
A memorable collection.
Definitely a legacy from a unique heritage.

One After Another

The title says it all.

And, it could be a bad luck or a good fortune. It is how you look at it and what you are going to do about it. You’d failed the exam before, you were so disappointed and you didn’t carry on. Another problem took place, you ran away and hide. To you, it’s a bad luck after another.

Your friends; they were so lucky. Nope, They were not. They’d failed the same exam sheets. But, they repeated and passed the paper. They burn the midnight oil. That’s what they did. They didn’t run and hide. Instead they took every chance to make things better. Not only for themselves, but people around them.

Don’t say “It’s my bad luck. One after another. Never ending problems.” Be optimistic. It is your future.

Same thing goes to myself. I am not going to tell that this is my 3rd 4th blog, I don’t even remember which is which. But yes, it’s one after another. No, it’s not a bad thing.

I’m in the middle of something. I hope success is what I get.

Telling myself this – Try to be good and maximise your talent.

Go-saeng Ggeut-eh naki eun-da

The Korean proverbs means at the end of hardship comes happiness.