Ngaran ku i Kenny Thomas – That’s my native language – Dusun which means My Name is Kenny Thomas. Dusun is one the ethnic groups, considered the largest community in the Malaysian state of Sabah of North Borneo.

I was born a girl and never a boy. But, I am that person who often mistaken for a boy because of my name. I have another name, Martha – I got that name when I took my Sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church. I seldom use it.

When I was at school, my friends called me Ken. And, wherever I go I’ll introduce myself as Kenny and they can call me Ken. Fret not, you can call me anything you want but I would be much comfortable with Ken.

I am a mom of three; 2 girls and 1 boy. I got married to the man I fell in love at the first sight at the university who is a mixed marriage product – Chinese and Dusun, here they are known as Peranakan Cina or Sino. So, our children are no more pure Dusun(?) I am pro-diversity, no such thing as pure or original. That would answer  the question mark.

I am not a full time housewife and how I wish I could be one.

I am a mom who always juggles her time between family and work.

I am a woman who always love to learn and explore. Hence, owning a blog is something I look forward to read and understand other point of views. You’ll be reading my POV and thoughts pertaining to some current issues, also most probably sharing about my culture and the place where I come from, also my experiences about strangers and people I meet and talk to everyday in my life.

The PPC – People, Places, Culture : I think these are the various categories I’ll blog about.

If you ask me the thing  that I would love to do in future, TRAVEL would be the answer. I want to travel the world and see how far I go before I die.

Oh, earlier this year I was into running. I’d collected some ‘necklace’ (read-running medal). I might also blog about my running thing in here. I am not sure if that’s a good thing to blog about but that’s what I am planning at the moment.

You’ll be seeing some social campaigns in my blog as well. Just got myself into Social Good Moms. Because that’s one of the thing I love; to use social media as a platform to spread awareness. I’m looking forward the capacities, the capabilities I have to do this. I am sure it’s a good thing to do.

I look forward to read awesome comments here in my blog. I will truly appreciate them coming in. I love to read your blog as well, so do not hesitate to leave your blog’s link which I can visit in future.

That’s pretty much about myself, about my blog. Quite a long one I guess. Hope you don’t get bored reading about it. If you have any questions just put them in the comment box or you can email me at pesonabutiza@gmail.com

Friends? Why not.


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