El Temur’s Philosophy of Fighting

War is fought with swords;
Politic is fought with words.

This was El Temur’s philosophy of fighting.

El Temur was a corrupted and abusive leader and was the Prime Minister during the ancient Yuan’s era, he stole King of Yuan’s power and sacred seal.

Yuan’s King at that time was Togon. His father was killed by El Temur because of power greed.

El Temur had served nine Kings before Togon so we can imagine how influential he was at that time. 

He killed one of his governors to remain in power and to warn other governers not to support Togon.

El Temur’s philosophy succeed earlier but failed after that.

This proves that even a powerful man can’t win with words alone, but he needs actions, too. Clean and non oppressive actions.

Heaven won’t give its blessings for corrupted actions. Karma hits bull’s eye. Never forget that.

El Temur died eventually.


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