Wordless Wednesday #1

Run hard when it’s hard to run – Pavvo


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #1

  1. createwithjoy says:

    Thanks for joining us for Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy – and welcome to the blogosphere! I’m so glad you found us and reached out to connect with our wonderful community!

    At Create With Joy, I host three four parties – Inspire Me Monday, Wordless Wednesday, Friendship Friday, and the Book Nook. I invite you to visit them, see which ones suit your style, then join us – it’s a great way to make new friends!

    If you are able and would like to grab our buttons to help spread the word, that would be fabulous as well!

    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to getting to know you!

    Create With Joy


    • @kebintho says:

      Thanks Dominique! I love taking some photos during and after my every run. The last time I ran was in May. I posted this photo just to remind me that I shouldn’t rest that long and should start to lace up.


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